Large homes with extensive, and unutilized, space is a luxury very few people can afford. Whether your home is large or small, the opportunity for added storage space is always welcome, and often sorely needed. However, no one wants to compromise on comfort and aesthetic to get the few extra square meters that would make all the difference – especially not at home, where comfort is key.

Our range of storage bases provides the extra storage space you need and is suited to frequent use. This luxury style base opens up to reveal a large boarded storage area beneath, where you can store away those items you can’t get rid of, but rarely use – such as extra bedding and linens, pillows, your winter or summer wardrobe, or anything else that is currently taking up the space you need. The two gas lift arms are imported from a reputable Australian manufacturer, and raise the mattress, making access to the storage space easy. The arms can lift mattresses weighing between 35 – 90 kg. The bed itself is built to conserve space and appear natural, concealing a lot of storage in a beautifully upholstered design.

At Living Storage Solutions we have a fantastic range of storage bases in a variety of colours, sizes and storage configurations. However, if one of our existing bases or storage solutions are not suited to your current needs, Living Storage can provide you with the custom build you require.

All of our bases are handcrafted at our Bed Factory by our passionate team of experts. Our storage bases are a combination of practicality combined with style and versatility. What set our storage bases apart from the crowd are its generous proportions, while still allowing for existing mattress dimensions.

Our luxurious bases make an impressive style statement in any bedroom.