Living Storage Solutions is an establishment that identifies the need for storage solutions in a living environment.

We are one of the leading suppliers of storage bases and furniture. Our population is growing and homes/offices are becoming smaller.  Our vision is to look at ways and means how we could change and enhance the way of “wasted space”. Our team of specialists are here to help you sleep in comfort and style and assist you every step of the way in creating your dream bedroom. We spend countless hours seeking better alternatives to soothe your needs. We design quality space saving products to make your life easier.

What Makes Living Storage Unique

For many, space has become a luxury, and using available space in the most effective way possible has become a requirement for everyday life – both at the office and at home. Wasted Space is an unnecessary expense, but one with very few solutions.

Living Storage specifically provides solutions to maximize your storage space, and minimize costs. With our unique product offering, Living Storage makes it possible to create additional storage space without compromising the aesthetics of your home or office.

Our frames made from quality, Class-A Pinewood and 16mm chipboard, giving the bases lasting durability. Our fabric selection includes mainly Chenille, Polyester and Cotton. The lifters used in the construction of the base are imported from a reputable Australian Manufacturer, have been quality tested, and are guaranteed to last up to 10 000 lifts.

Unique Solutions

To ensure that our products and solutions always suite the individual and unique requirements of our clients, Living Storage provides custom solutions. Our bases can be constructed in various shapes, using a variety of woods and fabrics, insuring that your frame matches your décor, space and taste.